About Us

Kabana Design in Amsterdam in Villa Arena is the smallest shop in the mall. Anyway if you take the time and you are prepared to expose your wishes to Kabana design you can customize your own furniture.

We are of the opinion that you can remain yourself and search somethings different. Showing who you are in your house. 

We are specialized in custom made furniture, kitchens walk in closets, and so on of wood or MDF.

We have our own lines like the Vision launched in 2014, this design has made a trend.

The Natura line launched in 2004 has also made a trend in tree trunk tables and straight models since 1994.

Since 2003 we use for our furniture old European oak, the wood is about 200-300 years old. Therefore our furniture is really very sustainable and eco friendly. We contribute to create renewable products since we started to customaze the furniture.

Let inspire you by Kabana design and make your dream come true.

Finally through our experience we have access to a lot of brands which make gorgeous sofas, chairs and armchairs.

See you at Kabana design.

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