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Kabana Design Let's introduce our self. We are established more than 25 years ago. We are completely at home in customization and this goes very far. If you sit down at our table with your own drawing or sketch, you will receive a professional design proposal based on your wishes. Adjusting models from the collection is the most natural thing in the world for us: colour, length, width, choice of upholstery, frame material, wood type, MDF, glass, marble, ceramics .......  you just say it. We personalize your furniture. What interior will it be in, what room, who is the user? Your wish is the most important. If desired, we will of course come to your home.

Kabana Design  - Because of our customer involvement we have a good name among people who because of their physical limitations require adapted furniture. The range of our customazation is large from tables, coffee tables, kitchens, beds, tables, fitted wardrobes, walk in closets, TV cabinets,  bathroom furniture basically everything. Is there something you can't get from us? Yes there is. Furniture made of faraway not controlled wood. Kabana is frankly speaking  be in favor of honest and solid wood. Walnut, ash, beech, cherry and of course the king among the wood: oak. Everything is possible at Kabana, but we don't do nothing with fake and illegal logging.


Kabana Design -  Is the first designer who use used oak in design -  and has all the experience in it. We believe that what is good should be used. And what you use must be good. We manufacture oak wood that has been used as construction wood for about 200 years. With kabana you choose for sustainable and high-quality, genuine and own. Furniture made of solid wood has the advantage that you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Kabana Design - more than 500,000 loyal customers have chosen their  create one of a kind dream furniture piece with us.  

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